What is American Producerism?

Capitalism is based on Greed.

Socialism is based on Envy.

Producerism is based on Duty.

Here is a partial list of American presidents who are considered to have been Producerists:

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • John F. Kennedy

Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford, Ron Paul and Elon Musk could also be considered Producerists.

What is Producerism?

Producerism is an ideology which holds that those members of society engaged in the production of tangible wealth are of greater benefit to society than financiers, aristocrats and welfare recipients. It is inherently nativist and opposed to immigration.

This is not to deny welfare to the needy, but rather to distribute it through local churches, which distribute far more efficiently and accurately. It is hard to defraud your own congregation and most priests are humble. Further, the strengths and resources of financiers and aristocrats will remain their own and be directed for the good of the nation.

Our current demagogic democratic system of government has failed us; our savior was Donald Trump. American Producerism is best described as a 1776 form of government where elections were held at the level where you likely know someone who knows the candidate, or under a million people. In 1776, neither Senators nor the President was democratically elected, to avoid the demagoguery (or perverted popularity contest) of today.

Culture is fostered by Producers

The very poor cannot afford to develop the arts because all of their time is spent on the necessities. The poor lack, “A room of one’s own”.

The very rich have no respect for culture. They eat Caspian caviar with French champaign and Japanese oysters while sitting in a safari lodge in Africa. It is gaudy and a Las Vegas version of culture.

The middle class producers are the heart of culture in any country. It is the tradesmen, doctors, entrepreneurs, engineers and their spouses who create and foster culture.