Censorship in the Age of Trump

update: Ironically, several of my embedded videos were censored into oblivion. I have now backed up all citations and will upload them to this server if they are censored away. You can identify censored material if a video is not linked through Youtube.

Starting in 2017 YouTube began demonetizing and censoring videos. In April, 2018 one of the demonetized artists, Nasim Aghdam went on a killing spree. Later in 2018 YouTube went on a censoring spree, starting by kicking InfoWars off and then rapidly removing all politically incorrect speech.

I had a playlist on YouTube of little interviews, German nursery songs and mashups that I liked and listened to in the background. Since 2017, 2/3 of the videos on the playlist have been censored and removed by YouTube. Notice how when the video is censored, I lose all information about what has been censored? This is particularly frustrating because I don’t even know what I have lost. The information simply evanesces into the aether.

Here is my research evidence folder. As you can see, YouTube is not a good repository for historical data:

My personal YouTube account has 2 strikes against it, which means that if YouTube disapproves of one more video, I am permanently banned. Hence, years ago I ceased uploading videos.

Google search results are also heavily modded. Information that Google employees don’t want you to find is very hard to find. Twitter censors POTUS openly. You can only imagine how much more aggressively they censor us little guys. Facebook has yet more control.

Why does censorship matter?

It seems obvious to me that the side that is censoring is lying. Otherwise, they would publicly argue their side of the story rather than trying to bury their opponents story.

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