State Farm Arena Absentee Ballots

Garland Favorito does the best job I have seen of explaining the very serious problem with Fulton County absentee ballots that were counted in the hours around midnight. He did not vote for either Trump nor Biden. Note the three boxes of 100% Biden votes during the recount he refers to in the beginning and note that there are 3 boxes of ballots pulled from under the table around 29:00. He gives his CV around 22:00, under oath claims around 35:00 and his voter registration information around 36:30.

Here is the most in-depth news report I could find on these allegations.

Notice that the first 2/3 of the clip is repeating, “Legal Counting” and even throwing the phrase up in banners.

But as you continue watching, around the 3:00 mark the reporter notes that “a big batch of ballots went overwhelmingly for Biden that night” happened after all poll watchers had been sent home and they were not notified counting had resumed. The reporter then continues, “Trump supporters believe that Joe Biden took the lead because of this [100,000+ ballot drop], but this is not true.” Biden won by <12,000 votes in Georgia. There were an estimated 18,000 votes in this video alone. The reporter is blatantly gaslighting and directly lying with a flimsy excuse that because voting didn’t end until later that these were not the deciding votes, when they absolutely and certainly were the deciding votes.

This is illegal and it is inexcusable to not allow the ballots to be forensically investigated. All that means is that an investigator from the Republicans is allowed access to personally inspect the ballots.

Notice the date and time of this tweet compared to the timeline of events clarified by Garland Favorito in the first video. Notice who is cited, her position sounds very official. This tweet contradicts the claims by the Georgia SoS Rafensperger that they were not, “sent home”. Also note that the linked tweet was from an Iceland archiving service and could no longer be located on Twitter.

These claims are valid. The press knows and they are lying to us and then censoring all digital media to cover it up. This trumps all other political concerns, pun intended. It is not a Democrat or Republican or Libertarian argument. This is a coup by the intellectuals upon the masses.

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