MAGA vs. BLM protests

It is interesting to compare the MAGA capitol protest to BLM protests. It is claimed that Trump incited a riot, but that is untrue. Indeed, politicians on the left directly encouraged riots by BLM while Trump never encouraged any lawbreaking.

Threats from the left are explicitly calling for unrest, uprisings and confrontation

See video sources below
Nancy Pelosi
These are explicit calls by prominent left wing politicians for violence by Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris, Representative Maxine Watters and Representative Ayanna Pressley.

Trump’s threats seem to be for legal protest only.

Original, full speech was censored by YouTube, here is an MSM version:

Full speech was censored as you can see above.

Because I only use primary sources, it is ironic that Twitter and other social media have completely censored Trump. At this point, none of Trump’s Twitter quotes can be cited! That’s a side effect danger of erasing history.

How about the effects of the protests?

Doublespeak, “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests.” This is oxymoronic.
Hundreds of statues and monuments destroyed.
Whole cities burned down.

Damage to private businesses and residences from BLM riots between May 26 and June 8 alone had an estimated damage of $2 billion according to insurance claims.

BLM used destruction of monuments and vandalizing a tactic.

183 monuments were destroyed or vandalized by BLM from May 26 to July 22.

4 BLM rioters were killed by police, all of which had either pointed a gun at or fired on police.

The White House was under siege too

The White House was under siege until 11pm on May 31st when Democrat DC Mayor Bowser finally allowed Trump to bring in the National Guard, despite it being requested days in earlier by President Trump.

Again, on January 6, 2021 Mayor Bowser declined Trump’s offer of National Guard on January 6 until 2pm, after the first Capitol breeches had occurred. This is all on Mayor Bowser and if the US Capitol breech was insurrection, so was the attack on the White House, which forced him to flee to the basement. Poetically, the Capitol breech also forced the Legislature to escape to the basement.

BLM riot outside the White House on May 31, 2020.

Compared to MAGA Capitol protest

Respectful of the incredible art.
Only private losses were the Press equipment.
Looks like a bad day at the office.

Though I could not find an official estimate, based on what I saw damage was less than $1 million, but government is not frugal. So $2 million may be a safer bet. The only damage to private property was some Associated Press equipment.

Vandalizing was limited to broken windows, jammed doors, a small scribble on a door and the removal of a podium. Some furniture was damaged as well, but it is unclear whether the damage was done by protesters or police using it as barricades.

No monuments, artwork nor statues were vandalized in any way.

An unarmed veteran mother was premeditatedly shot in the neck at point blank range and killed by an officer who has participated in BLM protest.

3 other protesters died of fear. (cardiac, stroke)

1 police officer died. RIP Officer Sicknick.


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