Why Masks?

The WHO and CDC tells us that wearing masks reduce the spread of the Kung Flu. Republicans deny this recommendation from scientists. Why?

Do masks Work?

There has only been one published study of cloth masks on humans and Covid-19 (Kung Flu). All other studies have been on other diseases or lab animals, etc. Shockingly, this one study from Denmark shows little to no benefit from non-N95 masks with a pool of nearly 5,000 participants.

SARS-CoV-2 infection occurred in 40 participants (1.8%) in the mask group and 53 (2.1%) in the control group, or 17%.

What’s wrong with masks?

To use an unbiased approach, we will only consider studies prior to 2020. Here is a NIMH study from 2015. Looking at children, they found enormous differences in ability to detect disgust, fear, happiness and sadness. Disgust, in particular is nearly invisible through the eyes whereas the detection of fear, happiness and anger is reduced by about 50%!

The inability to read your fellow man’s emotions is an obvious handicap and when coupled with the forced shutdowns is directly responsible for not only economic ruin of the middle class, but also social unrest. It is not surprising that there are race and political riots nearly non-stop since the masks and lockdowns began.

Is it worth it?

17% decline in Kung Flu infectionsThe middle class has been destroyed, further contributing to deaths of despair
unknown impact on Kung Flu deathsDeaths of despair are skyrocketing by hundreds of thousands, particularly among children
a few very old and sick people could, theoretically be given a few more years of liferace riots resulting in dozens of deaths
Cheetoh Hitler got voted out of office.political riots resulting in 6 deaths
nascent civil war with innumerable potential deaths
Unless you have an irrational hatred of Trump, this is a TERRIBLE trade-off.

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