Racism by Race

Racism broken down by race. Whites are the least racially aware group in America, being 1/5th as racially aware as blacks.Click on the image for a link to Pew Research.

GameStop Update

Why did GME go down from >$400 to <$50 in one week of trading?

In my last post I stated that the government probably wouldn’t let the short squeeze come to full fruition, but I didn’t know how that would happen. Now, we know.

On February 23rd Robinhood, Ameritrade and a few other retail investor stock brokerages halted buys of GME. Sells were still allowed. Most of the retail investors who were squeezing the short were trading on these platforms because it is easier than through something like Vanguard. This had the effect of artificially depressing the price, which fell over a hundred points in one day. By Friday they were allowing one buy per customer who did not have any shares. On Monday or Tuesday they increased it to a total of 5 shares owned per customer. These were irrelevant amounts to affect a stock change.

On The 28th when this happened, I transferred funds to my existing Vanguard account. It took several days for the transfer to clear and then, unusually, they required another 7 days delay before stocks could be purchased, by which time the stock price had dropped to $50 in after-hours trading Thursday night. I imagine something similar happened to most retail investors. During this period of low volume trading, the hedge funds sold small numbers of shares back and forth at lower and lower prices – because nobody else could buy them.

On Friday GME climbed back up to $66.50. Whether the momentum we had can be recovered is not known. It is unlikely that the hedge funds have been able to deleverage and it seems like most people are holding their shares. Which means that the hedge funds don’t have a large pool of shares to buy from and repurchasing shares would drive the price back up. So we may yet bankrupt several of these guys with people like Ben Bernanke as advisors.

Allegedly, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation was requiring a hefty deposit from Robinhood to continue purchases of GME because of the risk imposed by margin purchases, but if that is so, they could have simply disallowed margin buys. In fact, it was a privately run regulatory entity enforcing biased rules to benefit the banks represented by the board of the DTCC.

Breaking the Law!

#1 Naked Short Selling

It appears that the brokers who lent the shares to the hedge funds broke the law by selling more paper shares than physical shares exist. The evidence is the many market reports showing up to 150% outstanding shares shorted. This can only be so if laws were broken.

#2 Market Manipulation

The DTCC clearly enforced rules that created a huge drop in price that hurt retail (non-professional) investors and helped the largest banks and hedge funds in the nation. This is not only illegal, but it is also clearly unethical in a Scrooge sort of way, stealing from the poor to give to the rich.



Why are Hedge Funds evil?

“The increasing number of small investors who have entered the market now face the hedge funds, the big, new sophisticated players in the investment world into which not only wealthy individuals but large pension funds and endowments have poured money. Big investors such as hedge funds are secretive, and small investors aren’t sufficiently protected. It’s a setup for a small investor to get killed.” D. Quinn Mills Harvard Business School

A Hedge Fund mounted a takeover of Cabella’s Sports with headquarters in central Nebraska employing over 6,000 people. The Hedge Fund gutted and liquidated the company and left everyone jobless. Cabella’s was thriving prior to this.

GameStop and Reddit / 4Chan

A week or so ago a Redditor noticed the following from FactSet:

Notice how 138% of GameStop shares have been shorted? That’s direct evidence of a naked short, which is illegal. Hedge funds attempted to short the stock, driving the price down so they could buy it all out, bankrupt the company and walk away with the equity. Hedge funds are learning the lesson feminists learned with Gamergate – don’t mess with gamers.

First Reddit/wallstreetbets started a rally in purchases, partly because gamers didn’t want their brick and mortar resource stolen by bankers (reminiscent of Gamergate). A few days later, 4Chan/biz caught on and started rallying their troops. In the past few days some institutional people as diverse as Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya to Elon Musk have endorsed GameStop shares.

Short Squeeze

Melvin Capital is a Hedge Fund that has naked shorted up to 138% of the GameStop shares in an attempt to crater the stock. Redditors found out that the contracts expired and the shares had to be returned to the owners this Friday at 2pm, so anonymous, mostly strangers began buying huge amounts of GameStop shares, skyrocketing the share price from $17.50 a few weeks ago to $250 tonight. Melvin Capital needed the price to go down from around $20 and are apparently leveraged to 138% of the market capitalization which now totals 15 billion dollars and as the demand increases and the supply dwindles, the contracts will not be met. First, Melvin Capital will fall, but they are deeply intertwined and indebted to other hedge funds and banks. We all know the markets are irrational right now and this may be a way to force the collapse to cause injury to the villains of society rather than the plebians.

The intention is not to sell. At least not until the house of cards collapses as far as it can. Criminals will go to jail and some of the little guys will rake it in from Wall Street.


The sad reality is that Big Brother will probably step in to protect the poor bankers or somehow manipulate the markets so that the hedge funds win after all. Probably the SEC, but it could be the media or some other arm of Big Brother.


As predicted, the government and institutions are striking back. Janet Yellen is now looking into what can be done to protect the hedge funds from the masses and Ameritrade and others have halted trading of GME to protect their friends.


Why Masks?

The WHO and CDC tells us that wearing masks reduce the spread of the Kung Flu. Republicans deny this recommendation from scientists. Why?

Do masks Work?

There has only been one published study of cloth masks on humans and Covid-19 (Kung Flu). All other studies have been on other diseases or lab animals, etc. Shockingly, this one study from Denmark shows little to no benefit from non-N95 masks with a pool of nearly 5,000 participants.

SARS-CoV-2 infection occurred in 40 participants (1.8%) in the mask group and 53 (2.1%) in the control group, or 17%.

What’s wrong with masks?

To use an unbiased approach, we will only consider studies prior to 2020. Here is a NIMH study from 2015. Looking at children, they found enormous differences in ability to detect disgust, fear, happiness and sadness. Disgust, in particular is nearly invisible through the eyes whereas the detection of fear, happiness and anger is reduced by about 50%!

The inability to read your fellow man’s emotions is an obvious handicap and when coupled with the forced shutdowns is directly responsible for not only economic ruin of the middle class, but also social unrest. It is not surprising that there are race and political riots nearly non-stop since the masks and lockdowns began.

Is it worth it?

17% decline in Kung Flu infectionsThe middle class has been destroyed, further contributing to deaths of despair
unknown impact on Kung Flu deathsDeaths of despair are skyrocketing by hundreds of thousands, particularly among children
a few very old and sick people could, theoretically be given a few more years of liferace riots resulting in dozens of deaths
Cheetoh Hitler got voted out of office.political riots resulting in 6 deaths
nascent civil war with innumerable potential deaths
Unless you have an irrational hatred of Trump, this is a TERRIBLE trade-off.


California is the Harbinger of Doom

Baizuo is pronounced “bye-tswaw”;  Chinese: 白左, pinyin: báizuǒ, literally White Left. Baizuo is a Chinese epithet meaning naive western educated person who advocates for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority. A baizuo only cares about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment while being obsessed with political correctness to the extent that they import backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism.

The Chinese see the baizuo as ignorant and arrogant westerners who pity the rest of the world and think they are saviours.”

Text above quoted from,

Environmentalism as example

Baizuo can also be viewed as outwardly directed moral rules vs. Christianity (among other religions) are about inwardly directed moral rules. For instance, if we say Global Warming is the biggest issue in the world today (despite being in a nascent civil war and international biological war), what can we do to make a difference?

We could drive less, or fly less. But we don’t. Instead we try to pass laws that effect people both geographically and by class separated from us. We may pass anti-coal mining legislation that destroys a whole state’s economy, culture and pride. Yet we applaud ourselves for destroying them, when they were never the problem to begin with. We all know it is our own consumption and globalism that is destroying the world.

On the other hand, a Christian moral view would be the Quaker approach. Ignore what everyone else is doing and do what you can to improve the world. Indeed, the Quakers create little islands of tranquility in the rust belt.

On leaked Zoom with black American leaders, Biden claims we are doomed due to multiculturalism. Yet, he hastens it. Baizuo.
UPDATE: The full version of this video has been censored off YouTube and I couldn’t find it on the Internet, so I am now hosting this clip from Infowars.

CCP Solution

We can then look at the Chinese approach which is the Communist path of imposition of morals and goals by the state. The obvious flaw here is that you cannot force someone to be happy and productive. So, since the 1990s China has gravitated more towards economic free market (Glasnost for opportunity) and nationalism (for impetus), which places China in the realm of fascism, though more authoritarian and dehumanizing for the native population. China has embraced the Nietzsche-an ubermensch at the societal level, but not at the individual level. Morals are defined as what is good for the people, but largely lack culturally relevant historicity and so are of dubious long-term value. But, at least they are directed to benefit the group.

Producerist Solution

Producerists propose using Christianity, particularly the New Testament, as the Constitution for morals and the church and state in coordination define how these laws are best applied to today’s issues. Though Christian morals are antiquated, we are certain they work to protect and advance our society. We can choose to slowly evolve and test changes, but from the 1960s to the 1990s we completely abandoned Christian morals and even embraced their opposite, in a Sabbatean turn.

As said last Thursday by, “One of Israel’s most respected rabbis, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu … ‘ The values ​​of justice were replaced with those of political correctness. The family values have been replaced with those ​​of hedonism. The birthrate that fell below the red line caused European leaders to open the floodgates to mass Muslim migration that would fill the void, and Europe started to totally lose its character.'”

In other words, he is calling us Baizuo.


Meta Morals

Where do morals come from? In western tradition, morals come from God. Western intellectuals since the 1600s have questioned the validity of God, and hence his dictated morals. In the intervening years we have had many philosophers from Kant to Nietszche who proposed solutions, fearing the alternative of atheistic nihilism.

Why is nihilism feared? Society disintegrates without a mutual goal with each person having a place in achieving that goal. Absent religion, like Christianity for Europeans, Nietszche and others theorized that society was quickly devolving and disintegrating due to the loss of a shared impetus. Nietszche’s proposed solution was to create a society of supermen (ubermensch) who would replace God with a striving to become as God, through achievement.

Up to the 1960s many intellectuals considered themselves to be either Christian or Deist. From the 1960s onwards, it became more fashionable to become an atheist. This author was among those who converted to atheism in the 1980s. The wellspring for moral behavior in atheism is best defined using the Reform Jewish concept Tikkun Olam, “to behave and act constructively and beneficially”.

Why is air travel so safe?

This is a brand new 2020 Franklin 220hp engine as designed in 1945.

Years ago, when I started flying it was frustrating that it was so hard to get any new parts approved for flight by the FAA. In the 1990s (and even still today) most General Aviation piston engines were designed in the 1950s. Why don’t we use the best and newest technology for aircraft? Shouldn’t we upgrade to stay safe?

The FAA has a policy of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If a problem is ever found the FAA puts out Airworthiness Directives and the manufacturer must either find a fix or recall the parts. This results in extreme reliability because anything defective is removed, and new tech is brought on slowly and at great expense. Only the most tried and true systems remain – all others wilt and die. It is evolution by legislation.

We allow more rapid development in other areas because there is less danger involved. Cell phones do not pose much of a hazard for instance.

How does this apply to morals?

We have our morals not because they make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, but to advance society while protecting it. Of all things that are likely to end in civilizational collapse, the most likely is undermined values and morals. The morals we have inherited have stood the test of thousands of years. It is possible that they should be reviewed and updated for our ever-evolving modern world, but this must be a slow, contemplative process using some kind of agreed upon metric for success.

As said last Thursday by, “One of Israel’s most respected rabbis, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, when talking about the fall of America and the rise of Israel said, ‘That is what happened to Egypt and Rome in the old days. That is what happened to the Ottoman Empire approximately a century ago, all the way to the Russian Empire that collapsed 30 years ago, both of whom collapsed due to a failure of values that led to their demise as well as a decline in their great power as world leaders.'”

Social Justice is the moral equivalent of cocaine

Since the forfeiture of Christianity, society has degraded to the point where individuals believe that if it makes them feel good, it is good. Yet that is not reality. Societal success in the real world requires the acceptance of hard truths like life isn’t fair and the effort to make it fair will usually result in yet more unfairness. Morals in the real world won’t always feel good in the moment, but if practiced by all members of a society will result in improving conditions from one generation to the next.

That is heaven: it is the world we create for our progeny. We live on through them and their happiness and success is dependent on the society and direction we leave them with. We can also create Hell for them.


MAGA vs. BLM protests

It is interesting to compare the MAGA capitol protest to BLM protests. It is claimed that Trump incited a riot, but that is untrue. Indeed, politicians on the left directly encouraged riots by BLM while Trump never encouraged any lawbreaking.

Threats from the left are explicitly calling for unrest, uprisings and confrontation

See video sources below
Nancy Pelosi
These are explicit calls by prominent left wing politicians for violence by Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris, Representative Maxine Watters and Representative Ayanna Pressley.

Trump’s threats seem to be for legal protest only.

Original, full speech was censored by YouTube, here is an MSM version:

Full speech was censored as you can see above.

Because I only use primary sources, it is ironic that Twitter and other social media have completely censored Trump. At this point, none of Trump’s Twitter quotes can be cited! That’s a side effect danger of erasing history.

How about the effects of the protests?

Doublespeak, “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests.” This is oxymoronic.
Hundreds of statues and monuments destroyed.
Whole cities burned down.

Damage to private businesses and residences from BLM riots between May 26 and June 8 alone had an estimated damage of $2 billion according to insurance claims.

BLM used destruction of monuments and vandalizing a tactic.

183 monuments were destroyed or vandalized by BLM from May 26 to July 22.

4 BLM rioters were killed by police, all of which had either pointed a gun at or fired on police.

The White House was under siege too

The White House was under siege until 11pm on May 31st when Democrat DC Mayor Bowser finally allowed Trump to bring in the National Guard, despite it being requested days in earlier by President Trump.

Again, on January 6, 2021 Mayor Bowser declined Trump’s offer of National Guard on January 6 until 2pm, after the first Capitol breeches had occurred. This is all on Mayor Bowser and if the US Capitol breech was insurrection, so was the attack on the White House, which forced him to flee to the basement. Poetically, the Capitol breech also forced the Legislature to escape to the basement.

BLM riot outside the White House on May 31, 2020.

Compared to MAGA Capitol protest

Respectful of the incredible art.
Only private losses were the Press equipment.
Looks like a bad day at the office.

Though I could not find an official estimate, based on what I saw damage was less than $1 million, but government is not frugal. So $2 million may be a safer bet. The only damage to private property was some Associated Press equipment.

Vandalizing was limited to broken windows, jammed doors, a small scribble on a door and the removal of a podium. Some furniture was damaged as well, but it is unclear whether the damage was done by protesters or police using it as barricades.

No monuments, artwork nor statues were vandalized in any way.

An unarmed veteran mother was premeditatedly shot in the neck at point blank range and killed by an officer who has participated in BLM protest.

3 other protesters died of fear. (cardiac, stroke)

1 police officer died. RIP Officer Sicknick.



Bizarre MAGA flight

Sitting in DFW in Dallas, Texas. Our flight has been delayed which gives me a chance to see who is going to the rally. The majority appear to be first generation immigrants, mostly from Asia, but also Latin America.

I expected to see a bunch of cowboys coming out of DFW in support of Trump, but what I see is a bunch of immigrants cheering, “USA” and railing against the, “lying media”.

In my row is a Venezualan and a Filipina. First generation immigrants.


How do I Source my News?

I do not trust any fact checker or anything else. I find Infowars, Breitbart or Weekly World News as reliable as CNN, PBS or New York Times. Fact checking sites are no better than mainstream sites and have the same political biases. Below is a chart of publications that I find roughly comparable for factual information. In other words, for article important to me I find a roughly equivalent amount of true vs. false reporting. I consider mainstream sources like these to be search engines and nothing more. They are where I begin my information research. If there is not a primary source backing the article, it should be disregarded.

Politically LeftPolitically Right
Washington PostInfoWars
Drudge ReportLiberty Daily Caller
SnopesGateway Pundit
WikipediaUrban Dictionary
These are the outlets that brought us Iraq WMD’s, sold us on the TSA and Patriot Act, brought us the Steele Dossier, said the UN found Syria’s Assad gassed his own people (the UN did not say this) and claimed Hunter Biden did nothing wrong when he was under federal investigation for crimes. They are all lying to advance their agenda.

Gold Standard of Information

The gold standards of information sourcing are BBS’s with a lot of traffic like Reddit or 4chan. Reddit is nice because you can view some background about the avatar making the claims. However, it is too aggressively moderated, which results in under-developed discussions.

4Chan on the other hand is the Wild West. If you are easily offended, stay away. If you can handle gore, insults, racism, sexism and every other -ism then 4Chan offers the only public venue for dialectical/Socratic/Talmudic dialogue in the world. Prior to the 1980s, this type of conversation was commonplace. Now it is taboo.

What do I consider valid sources and citations?

My most favored source is a primary source. Most of the videos I am citing in my discussions of the 2020 election are primary sources. That is, first person accounts, ideally under oath, with video or photographic evidence that they took to back their claims. These people can be imprisoned or sued if they are found to be lying.

If a primary source is not possible or too difficult, then I will cite from the oppositions own sources, like one of the videos in the State Farm Arena post from Alive11. For this reason, some subjects can have a lazy source like Wikipedia, Fox or CNN if the citation is intended to prove something is common knowledge or to prove it is being misrepresented.

Finally, I give more credibility to people who testify or seem to be acting against their own interests. These are the most compelling and likely to be true. These people acted out of their conviction for justice rather to benefit in some way. Many are harassed and most risk imprisonment or lawsuits if they are shown to be lying.

The speakers I am citing give their pertinent curriculum vitae and the videos are taken by the speaker or are government sanctioned recordings. Some are legislative committee hearings, some are press release events and a few are self-recorded. All are parties to lawsuits that have not been given standing and most have not been acknowledged by the courts, bureaucracy or press. Testimony with an affidavit is considered evidence in a court of law.


The MAGA Experience

The Never-Trumper movement is the most violent and bloodthirsty movement in the history of the United States and no one is spared. Beheadings are considered humorous:

There are also threats against my children from famous journalists:

This is a friendly < 10 minute video that is a nice overview of the dangers some of us see in the 2020 election, the Kung Flu, Big Tech and the MSM.
Note the censorship below the President of the United States’ tweet. Many of his Tweets have been removed. The information simply disappeared from history. POTUS is freely and aggressively censored and de-platformed. The President of the United States is being censored.

UPDATE: Sorry, the link above was censored into oblivion before I could back it up.

UPDATE: Found another version, though it is hidden and only accessible through this link. If it gets completely taken down, I have backed it up and will post it again using my server.