Wisconsin Libertarian USPS testimony

Ethan Pease did not vote for Trump, but was asked as a contractor to falsely postmark absentee ballots. Despite not having photographic evidence, his testimony is included on this page for his apparent neutrality and willingness to face reprisals despite not having a hat in the ring.

His testimony is convincing due to his libertarian politics and voting record. He apparently has nothing to gain and much to lose by testifying to the Wisconsin State Senate under oath. Several of Trump’s friends went to prison for lying under oath about inconsequential things. This man is risking prison testifying on behalf of a man he didn’t vote for.

UPDATE: The above video was censored, but I have found another YouTube link so that it can be embedded easily. If this disappears as well, I will use a clumsier method.


Cobb County Ballot Shredding

Here is a very convincing video of ballots being shredded in Cobb County, Georgia. This woman has a whole series of videos like this, starting around 51:14 and she apparently just camped outside waiting for something like this to happen. The link starts around 1:02:09 and around 1:04:00 there is convincing evidence that what was being shredded is ballots. Why are [apparently] hundreds of thousands of ballots being shredded? How many other ballots have been shredded when no one was watching?


State Farm Arena Absentee Ballots

Garland Favorito does the best job I have seen of explaining the very serious problem with Fulton County absentee ballots that were counted in the hours around midnight. He did not vote for either Trump nor Biden. Note the three boxes of 100% Biden votes during the recount he refers to in the beginning and note that there are 3 boxes of ballots pulled from under the table around 29:00. He gives his CV around 22:00, under oath claims around 35:00 and his voter registration information around 36:30.

Here is the most in-depth news report I could find on these allegations.

Notice that the first 2/3 of the clip is repeating, “Legal Counting” and even throwing the phrase up in banners.

But as you continue watching, around the 3:00 mark the reporter notes that “a big batch of ballots went overwhelmingly for Biden that night” happened after all poll watchers had been sent home and they were not notified counting had resumed. The reporter then continues, “Trump supporters believe that Joe Biden took the lead because of this [100,000+ ballot drop], but this is not true.” Biden won by <12,000 votes in Georgia. There were an estimated 18,000 votes in this video alone. The reporter is blatantly gaslighting and directly lying with a flimsy excuse that because voting didn’t end until later that these were not the deciding votes, when they absolutely and certainly were the deciding votes.

This is illegal and it is inexcusable to not allow the ballots to be forensically investigated. All that means is that an investigator from the Republicans is allowed access to personally inspect the ballots.

Notice the date and time of this tweet compared to the timeline of events clarified by Garland Favorito in the first video. Notice who is cited, her position sounds very official. This tweet contradicts the claims by the Georgia SoS Rafensperger that they were not, “sent home”. Also note that the linked tweet was from an Iceland archiving service and could no longer be located on Twitter.

These claims are valid. The press knows and they are lying to us and then censoring all digital media to cover it up. This trumps all other political concerns, pun intended. It is not a Democrat or Republican or Libertarian argument. This is a coup by the intellectuals upon the masses.


Election Night Map bias

On election night, a few states were called early for Biden yet were numerically for Trump. I noticed both Virginia and Rhode Island. Virginia was favoring Trump for several hours while RI went for at least an hour for Trump. The following chart is the NYT data feed using Zulu time, so 04:00 is 8pm Pacific. While it was being called solid blue for Biden, Trump had a 5% lead.

And here is the video for 8:12 pm from PBS showing both states solid blue:


Censorship in the Age of Trump

update: Ironically, several of my embedded videos were censored into oblivion. I have now backed up all citations and will upload them to this server if they are censored away. You can identify censored material if a video is not linked through Youtube.

Starting in 2017 YouTube began demonetizing and censoring videos. In April, 2018 one of the demonetized artists, Nasim Aghdam went on a killing spree. Later in 2018 YouTube went on a censoring spree, starting by kicking InfoWars off and then rapidly removing all politically incorrect speech.

I had a playlist on YouTube of little interviews, German nursery songs and mashups that I liked and listened to in the background. Since 2017, 2/3 of the videos on the playlist have been censored and removed by YouTube. Notice how when the video is censored, I lose all information about what has been censored? This is particularly frustrating because I don’t even know what I have lost. The information simply evanesces into the aether.

Here is my research evidence folder. As you can see, YouTube is not a good repository for historical data:

My personal YouTube account has 2 strikes against it, which means that if YouTube disapproves of one more video, I am permanently banned. Hence, years ago I ceased uploading videos.

Google search results are also heavily modded. Information that Google employees don’t want you to find is very hard to find. Twitter censors POTUS openly. You can only imagine how much more aggressively they censor us little guys. Facebook has yet more control.

Why does censorship matter?

It seems obvious to me that the side that is censoring is lying. Otherwise, they would publicly argue their side of the story rather than trying to bury their opponents story.